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Phobia' Jordan

Haunted House

Amman. Jordan


The Scariest thing that can ever happen to you ! Coming to PHOBIA is something fated ,but the choice remans in your hands between ESCAPING OR DYING ! But even dying is not the worst option because no body rests in peace inside phobia! what you are going to see ,face , and feel is not like anything else the place is alive , and it fed from your fears , your hope until its last drop! eventually it all depends on you . you can face your inner fears can you face PHOBIA ?!

General questions

Phobia is a haunted house , is the biggest haunted house in amman and in the middle east , there a soul called afaf who collect many dead souls to protect this place , all you have to do is to survive
There is two attractions inside phobia , zombie rage and mental hospital
From 30-45 minutes
Phobia located at abdoun near the American embassy – beside zain circle
You will not solve any puzzles or clues , all you have to do is going though the attraction trying to get out